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T77 Tier VIII American Premium Heavy Tank. T77. Stats. 3D Model. Compare. IX. IX 120 mm Gun T179 in Mount 169. APCR 360 d / 232 p HEAT 360 d / 299 p HE 460 d / 60 p. Accuracy: 0.37 Rounds/min: 1.50 Reload: 40 secs World of Tanks - tanks.gg Aim time Dispersion moving tank traverse turret traverse firing damaged Elevation Depression Gun traverse. Mobility. Forward speed hard/med/soft Reverse speed Engine power Weight Power/weight Terrain resist (hard) Terrain resist (med) Terrain resist (soft) Turret traverse Tank traverse hard/med/soft Auto siege on/off. Armor & health. Hull armor Turret armor Track armor Health engine track ammo. Players Avg. Battles Avg. WN8 Avg. Win Rate Avg. Damag It would be designated the 120mm Gun Tank T77, and another contract was signed with Rheem to create two pilot tanks. Hull. The hull chosen for the project was that of the 90mm Gun Tank T48. The tank weighed about 50 tons, with armor of up to 110mm thick. The tank was powered by a 650 hp Continental AVSI-1790-6 V12, air-cooled twin-turbo gasoline engine. This would propel the tank to a speed of.

T77 is a limited 3-star Main Tank SMG T-Doll first added to EN via the Million Users Celebration Login Event. T77 grants a decent 12% Rate of Fire tile buff to all three tiles behind her, and has a fairly high 925 HP but a lower than average 69 Evasion. This makes her passable at taking hits, comparable to Ingram (though without her Smoke Grenade). Her Cover Focus T is very similar to PP-90's. tanks.gg has all the new changes to tanks + new premiums 780/CS-52/T77. PSA. Close. 20. Posted by. muh russian bias. 8 months ago. Archived. tanks.gg has all the new changes to tanks + new premiums 780/CS-52/T77. Source: Circonflexes Giving you a glimpse at the new T77, US American Heavy Tank. https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK. Full Metal Blogger. World of Tanks, Armored Forces, and War Thunder: Ground Forces . Skip to content . World of Tanks; War Thunder ; Armored Warfare; Search for: Search. The new T77; American Heavy Autoloader! September 30, 2020 World of Tanks 13:03. 3,188 views (393 votes, average: 4. I say 2 to 3 tanks back because in 2v2 or 1v1 you're a liability to yourself and your teammate and will die against decent players. I've had multiple games in a 2v2 situation that the enemy rushes, ignored my T77, focused teammate and then kills me while I am waiting to reload They can't let any tank have a chance before feeling like it needs a nerf before release. Those were both very balanced on pc. The T77 is going to feel clunky with its saving grace being just it's premium rounds and with the alpha damage changes the CS-52 is going to be hitting more in the lines of 260-280 rolls and can't come close to breaking the 2k a minute standard for most mediums

tanks.gg's worst developer I really like my B-C 12 t. I have a ton of fun in mine, and even if it isn't the most powerful tier 8 tank I own, I still enjoy mine quite a bit. It's fast, it has pretty good gun handling and penetration, and it can. World of Tanks T110E4 - Ace Tanker & Top Gun . T110E4 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. In 1954, a. I cover MMOs such as World of Tanks. My channel provides: 1. guides on PVP (Player Versus Player) combat 2. insights on game design and mechanics 3. interviews with game developers Cheers, Ed Park. TOP 10 tanks easiest and hardest to get 3 Marks of Excellence in World of Tanks for each tier. Rankings are daily updated Is 6 tanks gg. Tanks Kinder zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Super Angebote für Tanks Kinder hier im Preisvergleich . Tanks Kinder bester Preis - Tanks Kinde . Finden Sie hier alte Schulfreunde und Fotos World of Tanks - tanks.gg The IS-6 is a Soviet tier 8 premium heavy tank. Plans for this vehicle were drawn up in the construction bureau of the Chelyabinsk Kirov plant from December 1943 to.

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Lorraine 40 t. VIII. 9600. The Lorraine 40 t is a French tier 8 premium medium tank. This experimental French tank was developed during the 1940s. Two prototypes were manufactured in 1952. In addition to the oscillating turret, the vehicle featured suspension with air-core tires and pike nose armor Heavy Tanks: V T14 • V T1 Heavy Tank • VI M6 • VII King Tiger (Captured) • VII T29 • VIII Chrysler K • VIII Chrysler K GF • VIII T26E5 • VIII T26E5 Patriot • VIII M54 Renegade • VIII T77 • VIII M6A2E1 • VIII T32 • VIII T34 • VIII T34 B • IX AE Phase I • IX Concept 1B • IX M103 • IX T54E1 • X T110E5 • X.

There are some drawbacks to this tank however. Like the T77, whilst the burst damage potential is huge, so is the reload. A 40+ second reload for 1280 alpha damage is not very good, when tanks like the AMX 50 100 reload only slightly slower but pack 1800 damage in their clip. This is the Achilles heel of this tank - almost all tanks in the matchmaking spread of the GSOR have the DPM to. #PlayStation5 #ceassare #wot #Wotps5xbox #ps5 #xbox #wotconsole #WorldofTanks https://www.facebook.com/ceassare/⬅ https://www.youtube.com/ceassare Wargaming.net Premium Shop. Back to top. Steel Division 2. Lorraine 40 t, M41D. Chkalov. Soviet Aircraft Carriers. Tier VIII of the Week: FV4202. Return of Missouri. Steel Division 2 Die Seite tanks.gg bietet auf englisch umfangreiche Daten, aber auch Videos zu den WoT-Panzern! War Gaming Net. WoT Start. WoT Forum. GH05T>WoT. WoT Youtube . Anleitungen. Startseite von WoT mit den Registern Spiel, Bewertungen, Clans, Turniere, Medien und Community! Nach Klick auf dem Link Neu WoT PzKpfw III Ausf.J Maßstab 1:48 (286 Teile) ++Super-Bricks.de++ Cobi ++ 2.Weltkrieg ++ Panzer.

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Download >> Download Guide park is6 Read Online >> Read Online Guide park is6 lowe wot is 6 wot is-6 war thunder tanks gg wot armor viewer wot premium shop youtube world of tanks channel youtube wargaming na 25 Oct 2017 Guide park is6 - escribio en Petraju: Download Guide park is6 >> bit.ly/2gCalB3Read Online Guide park is6 >> bit.ly/2gCam85is-6 Feb 9, 2015 Oct 10, 2014 Jul 28, 2016 Sep 14.

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